Mud Therapy

The mechanism of action of the clay from Krinides during the treatment, is rather complex and complicated and is based on the use of "mature" clay. Application of the clay may be total or partial, by immersion of the body in it or by applying clay on it.

Hammam Baths

Discover the benefits of a steam room, surrender to the curative properties of steam and gain energy and wellbeing. By using the hammam you can experience its beneficial effect on the skin as the pores open and the dead cells are removed. In addition, it offers physical relaxation by creating a nice sensation.


Revitalize your soul and body, by enjoying a relaxing massage in our renovated space. Massage not only leads to relaxation but is also an alternative solution  for pain. Many of the massage techniques help to relieve headache, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve blood circulation giving wellness to the body.

Mud treatment

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The place where people nowadays take care of their health, by the use of therapeutic clay and thermal water, has been a "sustainable laboratory of nature" for tens of thousands of years ago up to today, manufacturing this precious, for our health, material with admirable precision . In the past, geological, ecological, biological, chemical conditions and complex physical mechanisms were favorable in the creation of the right environment by and in which therapeutic clay was created and aged naturally.


The therapeutic effect of clay is twofold: it performs topical effect (on the surface of skin) and general effect (in various functions, thanks to substances that penetrate into the body).


Hydrotherapy is indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, lumbar problems etc.


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    The Mud Bath of Krinides is located 171km from Thessaloniki, 17km from Kavala, 19km from Drama. Road network is rather good during all seasons. Krinides mud baths are within approximately three (3) kilometers from the village of Krinides.

    Operating Period: June 1 - September 30

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